Review by Chameicka Gibbs on Epic Trading

EPIC is an amazing company with a family atmosphere!!! This is home, they have an awesome team and their leadership is second to none. They are transparent and Mr. McCovy is not above jumping on a zoom with us at anytime. I transitioned here from another company and they welcomed us with open arms. Their back office is beautiful and I'm thankful to be here learning the skills that pay my bills. EPIC has allowed so many people to retire from their regular 9-5 jobs and give them the gift of time. This opportunity has changed my life and my family's life. I've given myself 90 days to walk away from my job, I'm tired of working for someone else's dream. My mindset is different and EPIC is allowing me to do the things I've wanted to do, I just didn't have have the time. Why be average when you can be EPIC?

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