Review by Charlene Olcese on Jennifer and Jim Michel

Jennifer & Jim Michel are an awesome Neora team! As a close friend who has spent "behind-the-scenes" time with this Neora couple, I've witnessed their work with the company first hand! For Jennifer, it's a labor of love: using/promoting the awesome Neora products, supporting her customers& positive outreach to ALL (those fun "snip-its"!) I've been on board for several of Jenn's presentations (in-person& more recently, virtual!) Jenn uses her creative& organizational magic to pull together a "party" for discussing new products, including a themed trivia Bingo (product prizes!) &collaboration time for her customers/colleagues (often hosting on behalf of new team members who want to model this mode of fun outreach!) The end result=not only fun but an obvious building of business camaraderie & friendship! Jim adds all-around support for Jenn & is a welcomed, smiling face as he accompanies his wife on many of her business adventures! He uses many of the Neora products and is able to give endorsement based on experience & success! These products have become a part of my routine and have made a noticeable difference! Jennifer has been such a positive supporter of my progress! Thanx, Jenn!

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