Review by Cherstin Anita on

I’m looking to buy replacement mineral stones and filter for my pi mag waterfall.
Please, in Sweden.
Every time I’m looking I get to this unhelpful webpage. I can not find the stones anywhere.
Why such bad service?

Some News: If. you are looking for the head of the deep state/kabal. Look no further. Sweden with their globalistic family Wallenberg is the head of the deep state.
Some more info about Sweden the little country that thinks it is the best in everything:

The timeline of Swedish slave trade beginning with the Vikings in the 8th century, colonization in the 17th century, Wallenberg slave factories during the Second World War and in the present day in China proves that this is an occurrence that has been a central part of Swedish society. The slavery of today has only changed form but is institutionalized and integrated into the system. We have lived in an illusion of freedom, freedom of choice and democracy.

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