Review by Chinne de las Alas on Billy Dela Fuente

Mentor Billy is a powerful visionary and genuine hearted. He not only wants us to succeed, but passionately shares his knowledge and hits the ground running with us. That is why we don't feel like lone rangers. He makes sure that he teaches us the bone of the business. To him, it is no fun being successful alone. The more, the merrier. It is not easy feat to stay positive, he is still able to encourage us to speak only of great outcomes, to do away with toxicity and to focus only on the upside of things or silver linings. We often hear the saying, easier said than done, with him, he practices positivity so it makes it easy for us to be mindful of our thoughts and our voice. Then even if he can mean business, he has a childlike heart along side, he easily laughs with us . I am very proud to say that not just is he a great person but icing on the cap, he still pursues helping others achieve their highest potentials and their dreams.

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