Review by Christina Barboe on Rory Ricord

I found Rory and Tanya just over 3 years ago after losing my job that I had been in for quite some time they laid me off. I could not find other employment because of my age and health problems. I also got taken by a few scams as well. Working with this amazing power couple has taught me so much and they did not care how old I was or that I did not anything about the internet or have any computer. I absolutely love these products as well. I feel better and have more energy and love the money I am making as well. I am part of a huge family that is very supportive. Wish I would have found them a long time ago. What a blessing for me and my family and future generations. I could write a novel on all the blessings I have received because of Rory and Tanya but I won't you will just have to join us and see for yourself.

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