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3 Jobs and doing this 3 weeks Part Time and over 52k a year income.
Someone just asked me, " How much can a Platinum make?" I was like, "That's such a vague question as it depends on your matches."

I can't predict someone's income as much as I can't predict someone's work effort but I do know since LAUNCH a few weeks ago I have a Platinum personaly sponsored earning weekly checks with a comma in it and that's not including his monthly residuals that start shooting out next month! Folk have NO clue how this $10.00 a month deal is going to create more millionaires that any company in the industry and those that take action first and work, focus, and catch our vision are gonna be dancing at the bank! We are just getting started.

No, he didn't get a deal, was never flown in, no legs were moved to him, he didn't have no list, he doesn't pay for some third party marketing system, he does not do zooms, and he didn't move a team over from a previous deal. He follows a simple Team System"

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