Review by Christy Monahan on NAVAN Global

I personally felt the industry had gotten to the point where comp plans all looked the same, just with different verbiage, mission statements became nothing more than meaningless words and so many companies began to blur together. They all seem the same underneath a different CEO or product line.

When I was shown NAVAN it was a breath of fresh air to see such innovation. The passion driven leadership starts at the top, with the founder and corporate staff and trickles down throughout the entire organization. It’s a place that actually puts people first, a place that stands by their word and a place where the many who have been mistreated in the industry, can learn to trust again and build their legacy without looking over their shoulder in fear of what’s to come.

NAVAN just got started but it’s been a beacon of hope for many who love the network marketing profession. They now are able to build something worth building! With integrity, superior products and compensation that goes far beyond what so many companies are willing to pay out, something unlike anything else…..and their building it together!

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