Review by Chukwuma Ugoji on OmegaPro

OmegaPro is an amazing opportunity which has helped improve tremendously my livelihood and that of many Nigerians as well as other around the world.
The company has consistently delivered returns to us it's customers for the past two years plus without missing a single day. An amazing results. I think OmegaPro Management team for their foresight. Giving us the opportunity to experience real residual income.
Some of us have to quit our regular job to work with OmegaPro as an IBO and it has been amazing.

OmegaPro gives us the opportunity to own our own business in OmegaPro, giving us that bc financial freedom with it's awesome compensation plans.

In OmegaPro we can earn through multiple streams of income.:
1. The daily output or returns on our investment
2. The weekly commission or binary bonus
3. The leadership pools 1-3
4. The 70/30 rule which gives the opportunity to experience true Passive income.

OmegaPro is simply amazing!!!

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