Review by Claudia Serna on Atomy

Hemo-him functional health supplement researched and developed by Korea Atomic Energy Institute. This functional health supplement have been researched and developed by advanced technology of the food and biotechnology team of Korea, that help keep our body in harmony by increasing the number of immunocytes or increasing their functions to protect us from harmful pathogens. All ingredients are 100% natural that are extract of Paeonica Japonica, Cnidium oficinales andAngelica Radix made in a complex composition by extracting active ingredients. This product is recomended for elders who need energy restoration, people who often feel fatigued, athletes who need lots of energy, workers exhausted from long hours , housewives who wear out of from stress and students that need endurance.You should try it I really recomended it I have been taken it and it has improved my health a lot

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