Review by Claudine Ingabire on PGI Global

PGI is the best company so far that gives good returns on your investments. Trustworthy, reliable and delivers what it promises.. We thank God for our CEO. The man of integrity with a big heart. I just joined this September 2020 but Almost can,'t fathom what I am experiencing. Blessings after blessings.
Hey PGI is the father and mother of many. Qhen lockdown started, a lot of challenges came along, especially financial difficulties with a bit of hope on how I was going to move forward. While I was wondering the direction of my life, pgi came knocking at my door. From then in September my life was going from loosing hope to a daily excitement about life. Globally we are feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and restoring financial situations. No more crying with PGI the future is bright just laughter all the way over the top!

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