Review by Coach Sy on George Ioannidis

George is an amazing leader who is forward thinking and loves to have fun with his business. He is currently a CPA and Financial Planner which helps and has broken every record in the EYETEAM group in Australia since the beginning of 2021 to date. If you ever get the chance to meet George, he will tell you that NewAge is a game changer and a business opportunity that should not be missed!

For more information, please make sure you contact him through his profiles online so you can connect with him.

About Noni by NewAge: Noni (morinda citrifolia) was a prized possession in ancient Polynesia, and it was the symbol of life for the people of Tahiti. Its fruit was used to sustain health and fight disease, and its leaves were used to soothe wounds and provide relief for pain and ailments. Today, through unmatched research and study, we've unlocked the many benefits of this ancient health wonder, and made it available to wellness-seekers around the globe.

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