Review by Colette Robison Coursey on World Global Network

I stumbled upon this product at a time in my life that was exactly what I was looking for in support of my 80 yr old father. After seeing the impressive features I knew without a doubt he would wear one whether he wanted to or not and price didn’t matter at that point. Anyone can afford this at $199 and the larger packs for families just made perfect sense for me. I can now remote monitor my dads bio parameters and know how well he really slept and how long. I can receive a notice or alert if any if his bio ranges fall out of a safe measurement for his heart rate, breathe rate, blood pressure, EKG rhythm, and just knowing if his mood and fatigue level is high, low, anxious or whatever it reads, I now know what’s going on without having to smother, huver and disturb him on an hourly basis. This device can be preset to read and report it for me. Plus the panic button is very helpful should be fall and require immediate assistance, I know his GPS location and can respond or react immediately for assistance as well as others. You can’t put a price on peace of mind. Plus I love the referral program as everyone deserves to know what we know. Especially with the 4Q features to come in blood glucose without finger pricking, blood alcohol, a mosquito repellant to name a few, deserves to be shared. National media attention for very good reason. Yes I’m very happy to share with others. Learn more at

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