Review by Connie Hix on Neumi

These products have changed my life!
I I’m sleeping I never slept before my hair is growing more I have decreased fungus under my toenails where I broke my toes multiple times I have a large growth on my side it it’s completely disappeared my focus is better there it’s just nothing I can say about this product that isn’t perfect this product is changed my life let alone to say that the skin product has made me look 10 years younger
This company has totally changed my financial outlook on life I am being able to reset realize dreams that I was never able to realize before and the people I’m able to help I have so many people I’m helping the text I get every day are just overwhelming absolutely overwhelming people with autoimmune disease that I am helping people with chronic pain that I am helping just because I am involved in this company and helping them get this product it’s it’s absolutely overwhelming

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