Review by Connor Scott on iGenius

I am someone who has been in several network marketing companies. one thing that I have noticed that is different from every other company is that not only are the people that helped build this company caring, helpful and true in there beliefs but They truly care about the financial education of others and want people to truly see what can be done. They want nothing but to benefit others.With Anthony and all the other leaders of this company I have never felt more confident and trustworthy to know I have truly found the company. I have been through a lot in my life and I know true good people when I see them and this company has every tool mentally and financially to educate you on how to beat the system. I am for ever grateful for this company and the people In it and I know that one day this company will be at the top of the top. I feel there honesty and belief when ever I hear any of them speak. I would NOT Want to be anywhere else but here. Thank you to I genius for the opportunity.

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