Review by Crissy Seamster on LifeWave

Not to be cliche, but I feel God fully brought this to me so I could share with my family and friends. It has been truly life changing for me. A botched broken wrist surgery that left me with a loss of strength and mobility for 4 years. After 3 months of x39, I can open jars again, do pushups and do normal everyday things!

My mom who was bone on bone for years due to a torn rotator cuff, no longer needs her shoulder brace and mowed the lawn for the first time in years (after 7 months of x39)

Don't be discouraged if you don't get results as quickly as you would like. Some people are fast and some people, like my mom and I are slow. At the LEAST try 1 months for every decade old you are. Some people might notice detoxing, and in that case drink more water and make sure you're getting your electrolytes. Very important for flushing out the old cells.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this company!!! And David Schmidt an amazing humanitarian and has a sincere love of helping people. We are truly blessed to be a part of this company.

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