Review by Danny de Hek on Des Amey

I've just been investigating this guy, everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and/or exaggeration on the truth.

Also reading the reviews online they all seem to have appeared on the same day I would not trust doing anything with this company or Des Amey it looks like another Ponzi scheme, he is also involved in HyperVerse and HyperNation.

Criminal/Pyramid/Ponzi/MLM cult.

Pyramid scheme, MLM, Ponzi scheme, cult, sect, etc. It is quite obvious in their badly spoken a d written language. They resort to underage recruitment, depersonalization or psychological manipulation to lure their victims by telling them it's a online learning platform that empowers you if, and only if, you follow their instructions and "process". Their fineprint on their website states they are not providing financial advice so you cannot hold them liable for any losses for financial wrongdoing, while giving out courses on trading in forex markets? That is illegal in UK and EU.

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