Review by Dave DeBerardinis on Tavala

First, we had not been looking for a new company, we had developed a large team at a previous company, but the fun had just gone out of it….. perhaps you can relate? We connected with CEO Allen Davis and VP Randy Crane, friends and business associates form our previous company and were blown away by the transparency, integrity and business plan Tavala had in place.

Wanting to move to another company the right way, we resigned and walked away from a check. Best move ever!

Less than 10 months, our team is now over 4000 members, our volume is beginning to accelerate at an accelerated pace….. We have the Systems in place, including a mobile app, LIVE Opportunity Streams to Facebook and to our dedicated site, Training websites and a support system to grow Leaders!

Perhaps, like us you’re really not looking for something new…. and we understand that….. If you happen to be, please connect for a confidential conversation about a truly amazing opportunity. Timing IS a law of success and perhaps the most important one. The timing is here and now with Tavala! Dave & Joy

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