Review by Dave Geller on Gary Cramer

I have known Gary Cramer many years now and have come to rely on his knowledge and opinion a number of times over the years.
The first time I joined him in a business opportunity was back in 2017 with a company that at the time was the largest distributer of 24kt Gold in small denominations. He helped me accumulate Gold and share our platform with others. Even though after a couple of years the owner of that company decided to expand into the crypto market place and failed Gary did nothing wrong. His information and guidance served me well.
That is why when that company was forced to shut down because the owner had no idea about crypto markets and how they worked I still felt comfortable Joining Gary in GSPartners.
He did and shared much research about GSPartners and here we are years later with great Fintech products.
Gary has once again proven to be extremely to date on the Meta Verse and Meta Portfolio Certificates. Even though I personally do not recruit and share information with others I feel comfortable telling my friends to contact Gary about GSPartners.

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