Review by Dave Ives on World Global Network

In my career within the home Based Businesses , I have been fortunate to have been part of a couple of previous companies that I did well in.

Here with Wor(l)d it’s a whole different story. The vision of the CEO, having the desire to be the category creator and the trendsetter within the category provides the masses with what I believe is and proving to be the opportunity of the industry and of our life time.

Impacting the masses through the most advanced wearable technology allowing them to take responsibility of improving their wellness and attaching the No1 opportunity to generate wealth, in time frames that have never been experienced before, is why we are not just another company, we are a movement !

I am full of gratitude and ready for is ahead as Wor(l)d continues to not only break records in the industry but to change lives around the globe.

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