Review by Dave Struckman on Good Life International

I first heard about a 200.00 VIP Hotel Savings Card in December of 2016. I decided to try one out and since I had booked a cruise For mid January I thought I would test a card out and booked in to a four star hotel and saved 90.00 more than the best price that I could find, with online travel agencies. I booked and saved, and decided to start marketing since I researched the compensation plan and saw that by helping people save money I could also make money at the same time. The 200.00 VIP Card (and now GoodLifeUSA has a 2,000.00 saving card) was a great way to introduce the savings that are offered to subscribers. Everyone loves to save money. There is also online shopping benefits with cash back rewards. Test out the savings and see for yourself….Dave Struckman

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