Review by Dayman Baker on IDlife

So why did I say yes to IDLife?
First, the customization of the IDNutrition is unmatched in designing micro-nutrition to every person based on THEIR needs. It protects people against micro-nutrients contraindications and things they should not be taking based on their medical conditions or their current medications they may be taking. The recommendations are backed by actual medical evidence. Coupled with the DNA testing specifically for Fitness and Nutrition, it was a true fit for me. I used to be one of those people who guessed what to take and when to take it. And our consumable line is as clean as they come.
Second, the compensation plan is a win-win for the Independent Associate and Corporate. We are in a product business. We have to sell/move product to be a viable company. IDLife truly puts people first. I trust these products so much that I offer them to my parents, my children, my friends – everyone! I can’t say that about other products on the market.
Third, I LOVE the freedom I have gained by being committed to the process, working hard for myself and my team and love helping people Do Life Better!

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