Review by Debora Hawthorne on Nicole Shelton

It is a blessing from God to get a opportunity to work with someone who put you before themselves and always willing to so in your life whether it be information on how to be a builder, encouraging word, food, free product, or whatever the need is she is willing to help. She is willing to travel to make sure you will be successful. I love it that she puts God first and her family is her cheerleader and lock arms with her to make things happen. She and her family is putting long hours to make sure her team is good. I Thank God for the opportunity to join an amazing team that put God first with praying and fasting with God as the guide. Her character shows up in whether she speaking or just in a building. Integrity will lead you in the right direction just as we can see in Nicole Shelton. She understands the rule God talks about it better to give then receive. Also what you make happen for God's children He will make happen for you. It's good to lock arms with God's people and watch His Hands work.

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