Review by Demetry on IM Mastery Academy

As a person wanting to have an understanding of how I can become a profitable market participant through education that I can reciprocate into my daily trading routine I would like to thank IM Mastery Academy for making such a thing possible. I am not a 7/6 5 or even a 4 figure earner yet but they gave me the confidence to chase after that goal because it’s obtainable and possible with back testing and practice. I’d like to give a special shout-out to Zack and Jordon and the brothers in the Tradehouse Pew Pew squad as their perception on the market using smart money concepts has allowed me to learn and apply that knowledge onto the charts and execute my own trade ideas without the help of another educator. Although the beginning of my trading journey was a bit difficult to were I was pushed towards the marketing side over trading(which I still respect), I came here to learn about the markets and that’s what I eventually got. Thank you IM

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