Review by Dendee Walker on QSciences

Joining Q Sciences back on November 27, 2019 was a Devine Appointment! My son, Elijah has ADHD and an Intellectual Disability. Last Summer we almost had to send him away for help. I met one of your Beautiful Ambassador’s through different circumstances. One of her posts caught my eye about Q Sciences and I was hooked! My family and I started on Q Max, and Q Max Berries and Bananas. My son Elijah took his first dose before school on December 3, 2019. He received an award for good behavior while having a Substitute. He told me, “Momma I think that vitamin helped me be good!”
He felt bad for those that did not get an award. My sweet son was back! Daily he brings home a folder and it would let me know how his day went. He was consistently getting detentions, having issues with his peers and teachers. Elijah started getting “Great Day” and no more detentions! He and his older brother we’re not fighting as often. PEACE was RESTORED!!! My hubby was a skeptic at first but finally became a believer. WE ARE A Q SCIENCES FAMILY!!! THE WAY OUR HEALTH and QUALITY OF LIFE HAS IMPROVED IS MONUMENTAL!

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