Review by Desmond Adams on Mereana Wilson

Aunty Mereana has always been there for me and my family when it comes to all things, especially ways to become financially secure. It's no wonder she had the status she has with these reviews. Whanau has always been a strong competitor in auntys journey and she will always make sure that they always stay at the forefront of every thought on a daily basis.
I am happy to be given the opportunity to make my whanaus financial issues become a thing of the past and I know aunty mereana will make sure that this happens with her on going support. It's very rare for opportunitys like this to fall into ones lap and whenever they do, I always make sure to jump on it, but only with the support and guidance of someone o know and trust and I know with this opportunity that aunty presented to me that this will really benefit my whanau and me and all others she's involved

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