Review by Dev Bhattarai on OneCoin – OneLife

We trust the company
We love the company
We respect the Dr ruja ignotova vision and the unique concept of blockchain and Cryptocurrency.. There are many haters and enemies of Onecoin who are trying to Onecoin down and they don’t want to come in public.. As the matter fact this is true company with great vision of Dr Ruja Ignatova and unique concept of blockchain and Cryptocurrency..
No body can stop Onecoin because this is real company with great vision.. Some leaders they earned lots enjoyed lots from Onecoin later they left Onecoin means they are deceiving company.. And spreading bad rumors of Onecoin..
This is our final exam and we should be very strong by trusting. By knowing the real vision of the Dr ruja ignotova..
This is the fact company having more than 3.3 milions people’s trust..
We trust the company till last breath..

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