Review by Disabled member on Hyperfund (Pyramid Scheme)

I'M on disability getting $1200 a month. I was struggling financially before hyperfund. I took the risk and put $25k in. This is for anyone worldwide. I understand that this is locked for 600 days and can withdraw rewards daily anything above $50. I'm happy with this product, I get 205 hu a day at this moment. Opened a Hoo exchange to trade MOF and then trade it to usdt and transfer to From I withdraw to my bank account. It help me tremendously as a disabled person who cannot work, I am earning daily with Hyperfund/Hyperverse. 1st time in my life I have extra income, can plan for the future, not stuck woth only $1200 anymore. If you don't understand, don't scream scam. Even if this is one, enjoy it while you can. Nothing last forever but I hope this one do.

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