Review by djenane on Zeniq Coins

1st of all Zeniq Coin is not a company and is being grossly misrepresented here. Zeniq Technologies is a Dubai based blockchain research & development company that supports advanced blockchain related products & services. It has been doing so since 2018. It is not a "direct sales" or "mlm" thus it should not even be rated here

With over 600,000 members since launching over a year ago, the marketing company can truthfully attest to Zeniq Technology leadership as professional and a vision to offer legitimate advancements in the blockchain, DeFi, and crypto industry overall. This level of misrepresentation on your site is very sad indeed

I desire not to reply to disgruntled members joining without understanding. Their focus on buying & selling the coin was an incorrect view of the project roadmap and strategy. This is not a coin program nor MLM. And when a misinformed member submits writing to your site, is it not reviewed, verified or validated before posting? This is shameful and should never be allowed to be used to label a legitimate company with the term “scam” or “pyramid”. I ask you to check to see if there is any scam or fraud set u

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