Review by Don W Phoebus on Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes is an amazing company, that I have been privileged to be part of since April of 2015. I started first using the Delgada Slimming Coffee, and without diet change or exercise dropped 5 lbs in 7 days just by drinking 1 cup of Delgada daily. My wife and I have become products of the products and use many on a daily basis. We have saw many family, friends, and strangers, whom we have shared the products get amazing results. Our grandson started regularly on the products at about 16 years old. He saw so many benefits that soon after becoming 18, he joined us in the business by becoming a Life Changer himself. Even my 90 year old father takes 6 products a day, and especially loves the NutraBurst Plus. We have been able to pay our last 18 car payments, using just our TLC Commission. TLC IS THE PLACE TO BE!

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