Review by Don’t Fall for the sucker reviews below these that rated 5 stars on Driven Trading

These people are clueless and are just posting 5 stars to try and save their pathetic attempt to get the money they lost in this FRAUD MLM. Probably just Kromray himself and using random names. The scam MLM is falling apart and will simply dissipate in to the air like a fart in the wind. PS…..printing out phony Series 65 and Series 7 papers doesn't count. You must actually be located on

Remember Kromray is a top grossing portfolio manager and even gives Warren Buffet a run for his money I thought?? Ha!!!!!!!! Just kidding the loser just lives in a pretend world with leased rental cars that only last for a few months and then they are gone as soon as the MLM hype behind Driven fades away. What a joke!!! He never traded before in his life just sold nutsack juice and coffee and was a Duuuuplicate Daver Lmao!!! Clown!!!!

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