Review by Dr. Marjhoree Khandee Papa on Billy Dela Fuente

As a Medical professional who has little knowledge in business, I have always looked up to Mentor Billy who served, not just an inspiration for me, but a guiding light who held on the torch for everyone. He has motivated me to be the entrepreneur that I am today and has blessed me with his time, expertise and immense wisdom in running a business, creating a system and in building a family within an organization. I am forever grateful to this great leader who has allowed me and my team to DREAM BIG and take action to create the things we want in life. He leads by example that allowed us to propel forward and upward in business. I am truly proud and honored to be mentored by a great leader and friend and be one of the 9 mentees over the thousands who was given the chance to work with him closely— watch the way he moves, talks and see his everyday life. It is the kind that will help starters like me be directed in a path of success. Thank you for what you do and for making sure that we belong in the family that you created!

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