Review by Edwin Lawrence on Epic Trading

From the time Epic Trading started it was clear to me that this company was destined for greatness. I have been taught when looking for an online company to join, you look for one that is 'customer centric', one that promises a lot and delivers even more. One that is progressively in touch with the times, and its people. One whose leadership is strong, focused, supportive, simply dynamic and either have, or have put systems in place to show that that company is in it for the longhaul. I saw these qualities in Epic Trading and it continues to get better and better overtime. Along with these facts, it is clear that Epic Trading knows their forex marbles, and their home grown trading strategies are proving themselves to work-repeatedly. So if there was to be a company that deserved to be the No. 1 Direct Selling Association company based on whom they have proven themselves to be, I would vote Epic Trading, handsdown. Why? Well it is simple because they have proven themselves as a family, to be just whom they have set out to be…and that for me is 100% Epic!

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