Review by Elaine Head on Awakend

Love this company's community under the leadership of the genius of Danielle Meoli, and her team. So excited to be part of the Awakend journey. Love the strategy, preparation and timing of the company's prelaunch. We have the makings of a billion dollar company within or before Awakend's five-year mark. The product is needed and likely wanted by 60% of our national population. Why? We are in a serious health crisis within America due to an overweight population! This company brings hope for a brighter future, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. We can all agree, an overweight population is set up for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure., Autoimmune diseases and cancer, financial difficulty and more. A product based upon science and the clinical trial results bring hope to those looking for solutions, and a Lifestyle change! Great opportunity to jump on board and help others achieve their goals. And the Comp Plan is crafted to be fair. With epic leadership, company, and product the future is very bright!

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