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Excellent company!
Excellent products!
Excellent sponsor!
Atomi unites people who love people, because the very philosophy of the company is exactly that. With love for people!
By joining the company, you choose health, beauty, well-being.
By using the company's products, you choose health, you choose beauty.
In both cases, you choose to be part of a wonderful world!
Absolute Quality products at Absolute Price. We're dedicated to giving our customers the best, without any compromise. Central to our mission is a strong customer success strategy, designed to ensure every member reach the top of the ladder of success.
Atomy was founded in Korea in 2009 modestly with just a few products. Now it is largest networking company in Korea and its growth rate was 30% to 40%. Most of products are health and beauty related and more products are added every year. The membership is free and there is no purchase requirement, but a membership is required for anyone to purchase Atomy products.

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