Review by Ellen on Epicure Selections

In 10/2019, I was "newly" widowed and struggling to find energy to provide a meal for myself/family. I used to enjoy cooking but now nothing was of interest to me. Also, my daughter was GF (has Celiac Disease) and my sons wanted nothing to do with GF meals as they were "disgusting"! Along came Epicure… food that was GF but tasted DELICIOUS; food that was fueling a person's body, not just filling it; and food that went from Raw to Ready in 20 minutes or less (with very little "work")! This brought healing to my family! Healing within our WHOLE body! PHYSICALLY, it literally healed our bodies because of whole, clean ingredients! EMOTIONALLY, it was a salve on our broken hearts, as we ate together and even started cooking together…. something my husband would do with all of us! SPIRITUALLY, we see Epicure as a gift from God during a time when we were searching for God's goodness and presence in our life! I became an Epicure consultant. This got me away from sitting home… alone and sad! (I truly believe without Epicure, I would still be home feeling sad and alone!) THANK YOU EPICURE! THANK YOU, AMELIA and SYLVIE!

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