Review by Emily Samuels on Mereana Wilson

Very passionate, stoic individual with a heart of gold. She has so much to offer and gives over 110%. Highly committed individual who strives for outcomes and is result driven. Her drive and commitment is contagious to the point you yourself will be magnetised by the manner is which she works. Her passion is undying, her leadership is strong, she will coach you and teach you and is forth coming with directing you towards assistance should you feel you need that extra guidance. Open to guidance and critiques where she takes on board others opinions or suggestions in order to help strengthen areas she may need to focus on.
Strong female, deeply in tune with her cultural traditions but is also humbled enough to show and give respect and acknowledgement to the many differences between races, creeds and personalities one meets in each of life’s journeys. Entertainer, loving mum and wife. Teacher in many ways. Guides the younger generation with family values that flows into her working life.
A beautiful being, filled with compassion energy and love. You will be energised and enriched if you have her in your circle of life.

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