Review by Englishcatch Englishcatch on OneCoin – OneLife

Onecoin has been accused of scam, ponzi scheme, involving money laundering, crime, terrorism. Onecoin was investigated, searched and ordered a fine by a number of governments in European countries.
However, these same governments who have declared that Onecoin is transparent, Onecoin is not scam, not ponzi scheme, because there is no evidence of illegal and money laundering of OneLife in Bulgaria and other countries.
Onecoin not only has the advantages of Bitcoin, but also overcomes Bitcoin’s overall weakness to become the No. 1 currency:
– Fully meet the legal requirements;
– The centralized Blockchain is more modern;
– Full function of the currency;
– Highest usability compared to the current cryptocurrency due to the largest number of Onecoin, meet the needs of the most users, the scope of use in all areas, users are educated in financial field as well as how to use.

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