Review by Enny Wijn on Healy World

Healy is a wonderfull device, using frequencies to support your wellbeing, immunesytem and gas so much more possiblities. Personaly I experienced more energy, I need less sleep. My skin healy very quickly afger a fall and sunburns. Healy is very easy to use. I feel it supports the selfhealing of my body. The analyses with Healy resonance are spot on and the personalfrequencies helped me to handle some issues. Especially the frequencies bases on I-ching and BachFlowerRemedy. The aura and chakra analyses are very nice and also give me input workng as a coach with my cliënts. Further more Healy gives an amazing business opportunity through social selling, Reaching more and more entousiastic people who want to take wellbeing, health and we althans into their own hands. There is a lot of support and I am very gratefull for being in a wonderfull team of peopLe who also believe in holistic health, energy work, Creation and togetgerness.

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