Review by Eric Jones on eXp Realty

Exp Realty is life changing for Realtors looking to create a legacy and passive income beyond earning commissions!

As a 17 year Realtor veteran from Utah, I was introduced to Exp 3 years ago. Agents can earn commissions at any brokerage, but Exp gives us stock ownership. At my previous broker, I had been encouraging families to stop renting, buy a house and build equity. Ironically, I was renting my real estate business from my broker for 17 years!

We also have the opportunity to grow a team without borders! As co-founder of our team, we've helped our team to grow into 8 countries and 34 states in the US. When a house is sold, revenue is shared right off the top of the commission to agents helping the company grow. This has been life changing for my family and our team members!

As a cloud based brokerage without expensive brick and mortar, Exp runs on 10% and the other 90% of commissions go back to the agents!

For a networker and a Realtor, Exp is a perfect fit. Feel free to reach out to me for more info about Exp Realty and any questions you have!

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