Review by Eric NSHIMIYIMANA on SMG

More than four months now working with SOLMAX. This is my first time in network to work with a very transparent and professional corporate team. Incentives are just amazing, we "maximize our potentials " here. Come and Join our GAME CHANGER TEAM.

In Solmax am paid in pounds every Monday for what we have been doing as a team ( Binary), am getting paid on a direct sale ( direct B)

When my details are verified I can withdraw my funds at any working days ( through my bank account, BTC…..)

Two weeks ago we launched the phase one of e banking with its Igniter pay card, this borderless bank is going to give a big boost Solmax in the year of 2021 when all the three phases are completed.

This is the real time to join Solmax as a fast growing company in the momentum in this 3rd Q.

You can signup freely as there are no restrictions on payment a package, when you get familiar is when you can invest at any package you want.

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