Review by Esperanza Maclean-Basnett on iGenius

This company has been changing my life from the inside out. Lilly Zaremba, Rakan Khalifa, and Anthony Napolitano have touched my heart and now I’m excited to wake up everyday. (& The Endotech sales guy lol!). These are real people with real stories and real profitable incomes and they walk you through the entire way just like a family. Before I found them I was looking for about 8 months into company’s to invest and after speculating Igenius and their team for awhile I went in and I’m so grateful I took the risk. You have nothing to loose by choosing this Agency and only money to gain. If you look on my Instagram I’m a mother of two from Canada and I have no reason to lie about any of this. This is all very real and I urge you to invest your mind, heart and finances with this company because it will change your life like it’s changing mine. Chow for now & may you be blessed, wealthy and healthy.
– Sincerely Esperanza Maclean-Basnett

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