Review by Evelyn donayre on LiveGood

My dear diary my name is evelyn Im so greathfull when i am the one livegood family i feel my success and earning more and for niw my rank bronze level coming to become a silver rank im so happy because of what i did now .sometimes i incounter some invite very negative and douthing people and all my friend i send my link some of them blocking me…ohhh my god so upset ..but im still hopping to fined people open minded and smat to me have a goal. i have helping to other to imrove thiers lives and now i am become a silver soon and my family first i put and help them bieng a single mother for my 8 kids and 12 grand children i pushed my self her and i promise ..livegood is change my life to become a millioner ..
I am so very thanful all my upline and coaches to invite me her thank you agaon to our CEO Ben glensky godbless you all …maraming salamat poh…..

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