Review by Evelyn Mora on Paparazzi Accessories

I was introduced to Paparazzi 3 years ago but really was not interested in joining or selling anything I can’t use. Highly allergic to custom jewelry, but to my surprise it was lead and nickel free, my thought was where have you been all my life!!!!! Since I joined it’s been an amazing journey. Meeting some amazing business partners from all over. The selflessness of pouring of their knowledge no matter where you go. The founders always willing to pour encouragements and knowledge into us. I’ve tried other MLM, but I hit the mother load right here. I have learned so much and it’s challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to reach for my goal. The company’s compensation plan is amazing, their rewards for your achievements are awesome and the room to grow is endless. The accessories are affordable to everyone and the style to fit any and every taste. To start is a low cost and set you up perfectly for success!! Looking for that goal mine, look no further!! It’s right here waiting for you with open arms!!

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