Review by fadi sarhan on MHD MAMOUN SHEIKH ALARD

100% scam. MLM that offers no product or service other than membership itself. I joined it last year when they were under the name 'Kuvera' and they've since rebranded to iGenius, no doubt after having multiple complaints filed and the SEC doing nothing (as they normally do). They will charge you ridiculous prices for even the lowest tier package with false promises that the returns heavily outweigh the initial investment. I began hemorrhaging money within the first few months and quickly realized they were not what they claimed to be and were just trying to sell membership and get people under them that pay them to be a part of the pyramid scheme. The only "services" they pretend to offer are a crappy online learning platform that is literally available for free on YouTube, and some Venezuelan guy lets you copy his terrible forex trades 20 mins after he places them. They also claim to have access to a debit card that you fund with whatever shitcoin they give you for adding more liquidity to their garbage platform.

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