Review by Fayth Tuaoi on Tina Fotu

Am blessed to be in a team whose flourishing because it all starts with the leader. I am grateful that I was asked to be part of Tina's roundtable and guided by her leadership this year. Since joining Tina's roundtable and being guided directly by Tina, she has always encouraged me to be bold, speak up and step out more in becoming a confident leader. I appreciate her style of leadership speaking truth in love and her constructive criticism has helped me analyse what works and what doesn't as I lead my team.

Tina and husband John are pioneers for Crowd1 in Australasia and a force to be reckoned with. Tina is a dedicated leader, an effective communicator, a visionary who not only speaks faith into the atmosphere but also takes action, serves and leads by example. Her life experience has built her to be the resilient, determined strong leader that she is today.

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