Review by Fernando Escobar on XIFRA

I dindt have previous experience on MLM until Xifra, Its been a very intersting journey, when you do understands how this works everything makes sense. You will be reading great review from people that are having great results and as me Im sure they are changing for good their lives. On the other hand you will se many people sharing negative reviews of something they dont understand, nor have researched fully. Ive read people saying this is a Ponzi Scheme but the Company has strategies working just to avoid that, Pyramid Scheme due to the MLM nature of the company, or they say its risky to invest in DeFi (talking about Bitcoin as a bubble). Even pointing out the mistakes or failures of the past of Jonathan Sifuentes, as if no entrepeneur has ever had a faliure before having a success.

When I heard John C Maxwell partnered with Xifra Jonathan Sifuentes Global Master as a Mentor for the Xifra Community I knew thit is a company that has real an serious potential. If not Jonh C Maxwell would be here. He could be wrong too? Yes, but he can also be right.

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