Review by Fran on First Scrap (Fake Management)

They are scammer, never trust it. My family and I lost $5000.. Now they are asking more money to re activate the account after there is a problem with their data base.. which is non-sense.
Below is what they tell us to re activate account..

Due to the fact that we utilized the guidance and assistance of Third Party Services, our users only had to pay a very small fee or charge based on their overall investment. The Third Party Services will receive these fees/charges.

A user will have full access to his or her account and be able to make any changes or updates as well as use all of the account's features once the fees have been successfully paid.

Fee Chart:-
Investment Amount – Fees

$100 to $1000 – $50
$1001 to $60,000 – $300
$60001 to $250000 – $1000
$250001 to $500000 – $2000

For any help, assistance, or guidance, contact us at.

24/7 Multilingual Live Chat Support
What’s App Suport:-+44 7452 263354
E-Mail Support:- [email protected]

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