Review by Francesca P. – Italy on Dr Gobinthran Muniandy

Dr. Gobinthran is a serious and competent therapist.
He intervened, remotely, on chronic, serious and profound situations, favoring important improvements, using the NLS system.

He is available to provide explanations, clarifications and suggestions at any time, even if sometimes we would expect some more accurate explanations. But I'm sure he's working on that.
As a teacher, he carefully follows the individual people in the group, while not being intrusive and pushy.
Maybe he's a little too optimistic about the time needed to solve some problems, but considering that he is approached for cases that have no solutions, this becomes a detail.
He wishes he could help everyone.
My humble opinion is that he should limit the number of patients he treats a bit, despite the use of a computerized system.

Many thanks to you for what you do Dr Gobinthran

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