Review by Francois-Pierre Galarneau on Karatbars

This company is an amazing free affiliation opportunity with no hidden fees since 2011 and has an optional compensation to offer or upgrade into. The quantities of gold and stored at no expense by the business is audited twice a year by German government and has been a very valuable gold bullion dealer eCommerce and specially lately as a lot of "popular" bullion dealers have run out of inexpensive bullion if not all their stock in physical gold at all with the covid-19 down turn.

For my part, I have been in the MLM industry for more than 5 years and I know that this business has always been upfront with what it is offering and the compensation plan is absolutely legal and based on the sale of products. I have been storing my gold for 2 years with this company past in 2017 and received all my physical gold earlier in late 2019. I received 13 1 gram 24K gold bars. Karatbars gold is not the most appreciated gold on the market today for small investors online.

Great company
Great products
Succesful ICOs
500 000+ users can't be wrong

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