Review by Franklin E. (Mac) E. McDaniel on Anthony Moreland

I’m not sure why all the glowing reports of Anthony. He came to me June of 2022 , called out of the blue and begged me to loan him money. He would only need it through the weekend. He needed to go do an event for a brother Marine & his wife in Jackson, Mississippi. I sent Anthony what he requested 10 minutes later he called for more. Since I can only put 200 words here I’ll just say 10 months later he has not completed paying his debt, interest free, to me. I’ve had to contact him the majority of the time. Every event he goes to he claims someone else is picking up all the expenses that’s why he can’t pay the little that he owes to me. Other than what he borrowed there is no financial connection between us. I just tried to help a kid out, no good deed goes unpunished.

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